March until October 2018 our all u can sit special is $700 monday thru thursday and $750 friday and sunday . Book soon appointments are filling up . We will be having a Mothers Day special May 3rd through May 10th  any matching  tattoos  buy one get one half off  for Parent and adult child.  Piercing specials are two 40 piercings for$75 or two $50 piercings for $90

I’m  a convicted felon , I have changed my life around and beat some crazy odds in my recovery. With that being said, I want to encourage the other felons, who have changed their lives around. Being a productive member in our society, I will offer a forever special, and I will give 20% off any tattoo. There is a catch, to qualify for the discount. You must show proof of completion of after care, treatment, parole, or probation. I would like to recognize those have changed their lives.