Friend Request

Sam Akers:

Convicted Designs Tattoo and Piercing opened in December 2013 by Samson Akers. He has worked hard ever since to establish his studio as a premier shop for custom tattooing & body art with a one of a kind custom tattoos!

Samson Akers was born in Lemon SD, but was raised locally here in Rapid City. Had a rough start at life and had to learn the hard way, and even though, I have had some run ins with the law. I’ve been changing my life around for the better. I’ve been an artist many years since my earlier teens. I strive to become a better artist on every custom design I draw and tattoo.

I am a licensed Tattoo Artist and Certified Piercer. I’m also certified through the Red Cross in Blood Born Pathogens and Diseases.

I started Tattooing in January 1st of 2012. Even though it had been a short time, I’m working to become better on every design I draw.

I’m also a convicted felon that has changed my life around and beat some crazy odds in my recovery. With that being said, I want to encourage the other felons, who have changed their lives around. Being a productive member in our society, I will offer a forever special, and I will give 20% off any tattoo. There is a catch, to qualify for the discount. You must show proof of completion of after care, treatment, parole, or probation. I would like to recognize those have changed there lives.

There are very few who want to recognize the felons who are doing well in there lives. I know from my own personal experience, how hard it is to turn your life around.

Quote: "Become the change you wanna see."

"I begin my success where other leave off in failure."