Can I make an appointment? Just walk in? Yes, yes, and yes. It's best to call ahead and reserve an appointment.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo and/or a piercing ? You must be at least 16 with valid id and the primary custodial parent of the minor. 

How much does a tattoo cost? I charge by the piece, so each piece will vary depending on size and detail.

Can you fix my old tattoo? It depends on the quality and condition of the old tattoo. The darkest color will be what needs to be covered. Talk to your tattoo Artiest and see what you what to do for a design cover up.

Where on my body should I put the tattoo? It's very important that the design you choose looks good on your body and fits the space well.

Can I bring in my own artwork/ideas? If I’m not sure of what I want can I ask for help in designing? Certainly, bring in your ideas and do your homework. Put some thought into it. A tattoo is a very personal thing, so keep in mind what you like to see on your body. Bring in photos of kids, family members or pets for a portrait or memorial tattoo. Animals, pets, memorial Tattoos, people, symbols, places, buildings, traditional, pinups, and more.

Do you do body piercing? Sell any body jewelry? Yes. We have a nice selection of body and gemstone jewelry as well as other cool stuff.

Does it hurt? Do certain areas of the body hurt worse than others? Basically, it depends on your individual pain tolerance. Yes, some areas of the body will hurt worse when tattooed or pierced. Bigger the tattoo more time in the chair and the chance of your body getting sore and fatigued.

Will you draw a design for me? Yes I will. You can bring in some ideas for your design to help us with your ideas.

There may be a drawing fee.

How safe is getting a tattoo or a piercing? I use single-use and disposable everything (needles, ink cups, etc.) We use an autoclave (just like dentists) to sterilize the tattoo and piercing equipment. The autoclave is tested regularly, to ensure that it's working properly. I wear disposable latex, Please tell us if you have an allergy, we have latex-free as well.


Thanks for the rework brother! I can’t wait to continue on!


I love my tattoo ...its beautiful! Very classy n professional..highly suggested :))


One of the greats!!!


So go here for a tatoo he is so nice and he did my first tatoo and I love it


Sam has great customer service, professional and clean. He did my first tattoo and all the others since. He listens to my ideas and I always get what I expect. His art is very detailed! He has very reasonable prices and most importantly treats me like family. I recommend highly recommend him.